Little Minds

by Count Zero

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Faintly Like Love these guys. This album has a quirky, jerky-ness that fills a lot of sonic territory. If you like The Moon and Antarctica era Modest Mouse and power pop this album oughta be right for you. Favorite track: Dream a Million Stars.
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BITE OFF THE ROSES That twelve-year old girl sure knows how to flirt. She gets all her cues from popular noise. She’s fond of that line ‘bout “hiking the skirt”. She’s eager to blow her future on boys. Sneak out with Denise to charm some rich squirt who, she’s sensing, would rather she be someone else. Moonlight finds them dragging her through the dirt face up on a skateboard, strapped on by belts. Fruit flies in her hair; bile stains on her shirt; eyes bloodshot through lashes stucco’d with mud; pinesap on her arm; I.V. starts to spurt. Nurse says they found .31 in her blood. Bite off the roses in my head. Stuff my pillowcase with lead. Shove my wings deep underground. Bite off the roses in my head. Stuff my pillowcase with lead and shattered things.
DREAM A MILLION STARS The crayons are being repo’d from cocoons. The clouds learn to suckle from lead straws. The crowd gives applause-sign applause. Signs say “Last Chance for Gas next 50 miles.” Done waiting for Brothers Someday and Somehow? I’m ready, and I hope you’re willing, the time is now! So, come out! Let’s dream a million stars in color! Who’s that at the Horizon Exchange? It’s Dunce, on his daddy’s high horse, to help steer a rainbow off course. Signs say “last gasp for change next 50 miles.” Done waiting for Brothers Someday and Somehow? I’m ready, and I hope you’re willing, the time is now! Well, come on, and dream a million stars in color!
__Hello Somebody__ Maybe I’m going through a phase. Lately I dwell on younger days, how stars would shine for me, and how it’s different for me now Weren’t folks more easily enthused? Were they just keeping me amused? Guess over time the truth is shown, & so now I’m left alone. Hello somebody Hello anybody This world, it loves to pigeonhole, That way the demons keep control Folks nod their heads but don’t embrace the soul behind the face I’m drinking solid dusk to dawn Got no one to depend upon My only friend’s the dial tone I’m sitting by the phone Hello somebody Hello anybody
my little mind My little mind so snugly fits within this tiny skull at month eleven! Less room for cheats; for ugly thug’s deceits; for brats and boobs on channel seven. I will shine Light to lead the blind. I’ll be fine ‘til Hell fucks all the Heaven that is left inside. Aye! Me mind! meet your muse at four, when all the world’s a backstage banquet! Hey, little mind! what else, pray tell, is in store? Quick! Before they teach us Language! When will your fancies play the fool? Who’ll flay you first with ridicule? When will you discern they’re disinclined to wander through the wonders you’ve designed, little mind? The future’s a trap: seduces with fables of fortunes that land on my lap; and maybe a model who’ll crave me like fly on a crap. When, really, I’ll either shine shoes with my hand on my cap, or father some bothersome children and die of the Clap. When will your fancies play the fool? Who’ll flay you first with ridicule? How often will their slaps help me breathe? When will it become their way to blind-side my pride? Well, wait til I learn to teethe! All blood-stained white, my flesh, the flag, waves: I will shine Light to lead the blind. I’ll be fine ‘til Hell fucks all the Heaven that is left inside my mind.
May 04:03
__MAY__ May, the only bugs seems to be these buxom, busy, breeding bees who appear as charmed as we by the flowers on your dress. The evening breeze wears a perfume sweet enough to ask in the room, and warm enough I don't presume it's keeping secrets. It rustles each of these tree's fleece, each of these tall boys, green and obese, with their uncombed hair, humming peace and making me full within. The sun knows only to be serene, and hasn't learned to scream holes in the screen which lines this carriage clean and protects this fresh, moist skin of May. May, I know I'll lose you. You're only here one inch out of every year, and every time you disappear before I learn how to work your faucets. I wish I could stop these bland etudes and savor---blessed with an aptitude for full-figured gratitude---each second, each stitch on your corset, May.
SAIL YOUR SHIP BY When I met you, you were off course. Fate’s winds blew you to my sand. You said, “My! What beauty lies here!” but you just needed some dry land. You hired hands to recruit me. but them uniforms don’t suit me. Well, if Dumbshit You don’t care to give something new a try, just sail your ship by. Found you storm-tossed, off the whale’s roads, seaweed-necklaced, all soiled and green. Led you uphill. I fed you plenty. Your mates drank with my best fifteen. But once you saw you wouldn’t rule me you pulled out all the stops to fool me, with flattery only to confound me. Then deflowered all the bounty! Look, if you’re too scared to bear to open one spare blue eye, just sail your ship by. Oh, look at you! Look at you! You dress like a pirate! a devil! Well, I work another level some might call higher. But I ain’t talking height. I’ve just found fire’s better used for light. Heads up, all you bankrolled babes, here’s a beam to blast your astrolabes! And if you dare not even spare one minute bare spot in your mind, sail your ship by.
Marigold 03:50
MARIGOLD You and I are one in fear of loneliness and danger of neglect. We’re apt to wither in distress. Cold rush of water fills this rusty tin of corn and all to risk a prick from your neighbor Rose’s thorn. Come on, Marigold, where’s that geekish grace? The moon is mute and cold. Let your sweet breath fill the space. Soon you will bloom into a woman, pure and royal. You’ll be released for good from the black prison of this soil. I’ll show you to the streams. We’ll run through woods and moors ‘til you can smell the sea. Watch the tides embroider shores. Come on, Marigold, when will the sun replace your leaves with arms to hold, and your petals with a face? They placed you on the sun-drenched side and whispered while the earth around you dried. Your throat quenched only ‘cause you cried. While ev’rything you’d grown up with had died. All you had had died. Come on, Marigold, where’s that geekish grace? The gods are growing old! Tell me when can we embrace?
Behold 03:53
SCHIZOID ASTROPLANE Hey, gurl! Your backyard’s tight, as runways go. But I landed fine. Allow me to introduce myself. I’m from that star there. Don’t go calling the Police. Don’t shriek & run & hide. I only come in Peace, inviting you inside my Schizoid Astroplane. Step inside my Schizoid Astroplane. Hey, gurl! I watched you from beyond the clouds and my cockpit dials took me straight here. (Prob’ly should get that fixed.) Take it as a sign. Look, if I can’t satisfy, I’ll get you back by dawn. But if you never try, you’ll regret it when I’m gone. Step inside my Schizoid Astroplane. Hey! Flight attendants hold the cabin doors! Gurl, check out the plus-size carpeting! …Sorry, no seats left. Hope this bed will do! Captain’s singing “Westward Ho!” We’ve got the amps on ten & the sunrise in tow! Your future’s where we’ve been! Step inside my Schizoid Astroplane. Step inside. Come in. Come in my plane. It’s such a ride, come in my astroplane.
DID YOU DECIDE YET? You’ve always lent an ear for all his suffering. Now, what’s the value, dear, for all he’s offering? And now, as you support his dimebag martyrdom, this road looks nothing like the one you started from. How long til you decide you need to stop the ride? You’re always back and forth between the cold and warm. This rollercoaster ride has now become the norm. You wear the right perfume. You dress the way he likes. You know to leave the room once his dark thunder strikes. How long can you ignore your love’s too much like war? Why do you still wait for a sign? Why can’t you just make up your mind? Or someday you’ll wake up to find it’s too late to make up your mind. You let your martyr trap you into climbin’ on his lap just to lick upon his sap? Did you pull upon his strap just to widen up his cap? Did you like it when he snap at you? Waitin for a slap are you? ‘til he beat the crap outta you? You make a wrong move? You don’t lose, not if your game was true. You make a right move? Well, you win. So let the games begin.
Man, 27, Dies Sleepwalking (AP) Silence throws its spread across this April dawn. Its cotton coating soaks up dyes of the morning dew. Sunlight shows its head to choirs of water drops. Its wealth of hours warming this cold and golden morning, reassuring and informing, "No white wind will be storming for a long time." Spider sews his thread atop this leaf, his lawn. He crawls, a big and black umbrella with his legs open wide. And you wish a closer viewing, but your six short legs aren't moving. Now the spider's silk is spooling over you. Why do you shudder? Don't you feel a thing anymore? Don't you feel yourself shudder? Don't you? Don't you feel? Siren crows, "He's dead!" throughout these concrete crops, winds slowly to a stop at his six-story drop. The tired city clears its eyes of the morning dew.
HEAVEN'S BALLOON god imagine me upon your dream not prohibited a love supreme thrilled to be transmuted by pure steam filled until I can't command a seam but when it's the same and I can't tell the moon "come bear the blame" and no other kind cocoon can share the shame of a wasted afternoon, who'll carry me the way that you call home? god imagine me released from this substance there replaces artifice buried in the bosom of pure bliss married to the wisdom of your kiss but when melting waves turn shoreline frost to froth and no eighth heart saves the mother of the moth and no ghost engraves the cross upon the cloth who'll carry me the way that you call home?


released February 17, 2005


all rights reserved



Count Zero Boston, Massachusetts

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